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sleeping bag liner in pocket sizesleeping bag liner in pocket size

Heading out on travels? Planning your next hiking or camping trip?

If the answer is YES, you know that you want to spend less energy worrying about dirty sleeping bags and bulky bed sheets, and more enjoying your adventures! Look no further – The Friendly Swede is ready to gear you up with the ultra compact Sleeping Bag Liner.

It protects you and your sleeping bag when camping, but is equally suitable to use as a travel sheet in hostel beds or at sleepovers, when bringing a full set of bed linen is not an option. Our extra spacious liner offers generous space for arms and legs to move around at night. The silky fabric feels soft against your skin and can add a few extra degrees during chilly autumn nights, without taking up more space in your bag than a wallet.

One sleeping bag liner doesn’t fit every season and every person, thus we made more versions so that you can find the perfect match for yourself. Silky polyester is tear resistant, ultra lightweight, and SO easy to care for. The half-way velcro opening version is ideal for super-light travelers and for when you want the best bang for your buck. The zippered liners opens all the way down, for you who prefer extra easy to get in and out. While our newest edition soft microfiber not only adds a cotton soft feeling but also a few degrees (up to 10°F) extra to your sleeping bag, making it perfect for the fall or winter season.

Cold weather warm, comfortable, soft sleeping bag linerCold weather warm, comfortable, soft sleeping bag liner

LATEST ADDITION – Cotton Soft Microfiber: Specially designed to add comfort and warmth!

Not only can it be tricky planning on what to bring on a camping trip during good weather conditions, adding cold weather to it, it gets even harder.

Being experts in cold weather (as the Friendly Swedes we are) we know how important it is to be equipped for bad weather so that it doesn’t ruin the mood of our adventures. We have a saying here that “there are no bad weathers, just bad clothes!” and that is kind of the idea of our sleeping bag liners. This sleeping bag liner for cold weather will not only give you a soft feeling to your body (as if you were lying in your own cotton sheets), buy it also adds a few degrees warmth (up to 10°F extra), which you need during chilly nights.

This makes for a true all-year, all-occasion sleeping bag liner!

sleeping bag liner on a hiking tour adventure great backpacking equipmentsleeping bag liner on a hiking tour adventure great backpacking equipment

With the practical carabiner hook, you can carry the liner in its pocket, hanging from your backpack, to cool down between campsites, and literally using up no space in your bag.

All our liners feature a large pillow pocket which, with its full 41″ width, fits all regular sized pillows.

Designed and exclusively sold by The Friendly Swede

Our sleeping bag liners work great all year around, they will add a few degrees warmth during autumn and winter nights, but are nice and cool enough for summer camping trips and backpacking in warmer climates. Their main purpose of protecting you and keeping your sleeping bag nice and clean, is of course where it does the best job 🙂

Increase the lifespan of your sleeping bag!

woman sleeping in linerwoman sleeping in liner

Washing your sleeping bag is a hassle, but sweat and bacteria will cause it to stink after a few uses – so what are your options? Insert the liner before crashing in your cozy sleeping bag under a starlit sky, and get the fresh laundry feeling, every camping trip.


– Machine Wash Cold

– Delicate Cycle

– Do Not Bleach

– Tumble Dry Low Heat

– Do Not Iron

Hostel bed with lightweight travel sheetHostel bed with lightweight travel sheet

The Friendly Swede aims to spread smiles and deliver friendly customer experiences to You, ever since 2011. Representing Swedish reliability, sense of functional design and active way of life, we always go the extra mile. We want to exceed expectations of everyday products – all delivered with a genuine and personal interest in our customers.

We proudly present to you our range of Sports & Outdoor products, affordable and high-quality, which have become real classics. Let The Friendly Swede gear you up for your next sport and leisure activities such as hikes, camping and water sports.

The Friendly Swede originally started as one of the early top sellers of Cell phone Accessories online in the US, Japan, and later expanded back home to Europe.

An important, more recent part of our history and assortment is Bags and Backpacks, carefully designed with stylish and functional features, for active people – throughout the day. This is where our future focus is, and we’ll continue developing even more bags for your daily needs and weekend adventures.

Swing by our brand storefront and discover more about The Friendly Swede and where we’re headed next!

GENEROUS SIZE: 41″ x 86″ (105 x 220cm) including pillow pocket – this liner allows you to stretch out your legs in any sleeping bag or hostel bed. The body compartment excluding pillow pocket is 66.5″ long. Weighs 500gr/17.6 ounces. For ultralight packing needs – choose our silky version instead! Made of durable, machine-washable microfiber with comfortable, smooth texture and side opening zipper that open all the way down.
KEEPS YOU AND YOUR CAMPING BEDDING CLEAN: Increase the longevity of your sleeping bag by protecting it from bacteria and sweat. Or bring it to camp and hostels to discourage those nasty bed bugs while at the same time adding extra warmth in cold weather and chilly nights.
COZY AND BREATHABLE – The new microfiber version is the perfect hiking gear gift for anyone who loves travelling and camping but misses the feeling of sleeping in their own bed. This is since the cotton feeling helps to maintain a warm and cozy feeling all year around.
LIFETIME WARRANTY – RISK FREE SHOPPING: This product is covered by The Friendly Swede’s Lifetime Warranty. Our customer service team is here for you every day of the year:


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